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Mélanie Préfontaine-Darius

Our local, health guru, Mélanie takes the holistic approach to lifestyle.  She’s full of useful and thoughtful health advice to help improve our overall well being.

A few fun facts:
Favorite Food: Loves fruit & vegetables
Inspiring Quote: “I am who I am, You are who you are, It is what it is, Everything is Divine Timing and According to Divine plan”
Fun Activity: Spending time outside in nature

Jean Darius Principle Recruiter

Jean Darius

Always into the history books, Jean loves to share the knowledge of the past to improve our future.  With advice for both business and life, we can be guaranteed we will always be inspired to grow.

A few fun facts:
Favorite Food: Pizza
Inspiring Quote: “The idea that some people’s jobs are better than other people’s jobs is completely unrealistic. Each individual, doing the thing that he can do to the best of his ability is equal in every way to a person of greater talent doing larger things. Therefore, the individual who uses his means and abilities honorably, is an honourable person.”  — Confucius
Fun Activity: Jiujitsu, reading and training with my wife and daughter

Amanda Koch DesignAssistant

Amanda Koch

Always smiling, Amanda brings that feel good, positive energy with her wherever she goes.  Willing to go the extra mile, she’s ready to bring you the best information on topics ranging from how to write a resume to how dress for success.

A few fun facts:
Favorite Food: Medium rare steak, topped with mushrooms, a side of Caesar salad and mashed potatoes
Inspiring Quote: “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.” ― Marie Forleo
Fun Activity: I love being active!! Bike rides, yoga or circuit training. I also love to cook & entertain!

Beatrice Graphic Design Lead

Beatrice Girleanu

With a passion for everything lifestyle, Beatrice’s creative mind makes everything you see on this website so beautiful. She applies her design skills to help everyone’s brand be on point.

A few fun facts:
Favorite Food: Csirke Paprikás with creamy cucumber salad  &  Krémes for dessert
Inspiring Quote: “Don’t quit what’s right for you just because it isn’t easy.” ― Brendon Buchard
Fun Activity: Entertaining, reading, card making and spending time with my husband & boys

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