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Your Spring Cleaning Guide

Amanda Koch DesignAssistant

By Amanda Koch Design Assistant & Communications

The weather is getting warmer, the days are longer, and spring is almost here! Naturally, we want to tidy and freshen up our homes for this new season we are heading into.

In today’s blog, we are going to give you some tips and advice on how to conquer your spring cleaning efficiently so you can get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

woman spring cleaning and vacuuming her carpet


Before you begin, we encourage you to go through your cleaning/ organizing supplies and make a list of any items you need to gather before you start. No one wants to leave in the middle of their cleaning chaos to get more garbage bags!! This list should include cleaning supplies, bins (if you need to organize), garbage bags, and labels, etc.

As part of the preparation stage, we suggest you make a list of every room and what needs to be done in each space. This will keep you on task and keep you motivated as you check things off the list. For example:

woman spring cleaning and vacuuming her carpet

Living Room:

– Clear out any items that don’t belong in this room

– Dust shelves

– Wash windows inside and out

– Vacuum floors/wash

– Vacuum furniture

– Take couch cushions off to clean (if applicable)

– Spot Clean Carpets & Furniture

– Wipe coffee table

– Wipe Blinds

– Take Down Drapes & Wash

– Clean any mirrors/objects

– Use a Magic Eraser for Marks on Walls

– Wipe down lamps, TVs, fireplaces, etc.

– Dust/wipe baseboards

– Clean any handles/doors

– Take out window screens and wash

Go through each room and make a list similar to this. Tailor it to each room and add what is required.

Woman sorting through her possessions for spring cleaning

Cleaning time!

If you have a full day dedicated to cleaning and want to get it all done in one day, we say go for it. You might need two depending on the size of your house and if you have help! If you have a busy schedule with kids, dogs, jobs, and life, schedule in cleaning time each day but only do one room at a time. Jumping from room to room can cause cleaning fatigue and can throw you off track!

Start with the dirtiest/most difficult room! Maybe that’s your garage or your storage closet in the basement… Whichever room it is, gather all the supplies you need for that room, choose an awesome cleaning playlist and get to work!

When you get to the bedrooms in your home make sure you gather all towels, bedsheets, and dirty clothes and put them in the laundry.

Ensure that each room is completely done before moving on to the next. There might be some tasks that you do all at once, such as washing the outside of the windows or taking out the screens to be wiped. You can save those tasks and do them all together if that works better for you!

Woman sorting through her possessions for spring cleaning
woman sorting for donation


As you clean your home, we are sure you will find items that don’t belong in that room or that you’ve been meaning to throw out or donate. Collect these items and categorize them into piles. You’ll want a keep, donate, toss and sell pile. Keep adding to these piles until you are all done with your cleaning. Then go through each pile and ensure that the items are in the right one. Ask yourself, do you need to keep this broken item you’ve been meaning to repair? Will you repair it? Or is it better suited on Facebook marketplace or the garbage? Go through and ensure the items you are keeping are necessary to be kept. We don’t want to add more junk back into your nice clean home!

The final step is to ensure that the items you are going to donate, toss, or sell aren’t left in a room to be forgotten about. Make a quick stop to donate those items, and get things listed on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace right away. Once everything is done, we promise you will feel accomplished and able to enjoy your home, your yard, and this beautiful spring weather we have been having!


Happy cleaning!

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