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Fair Play and Team Spirit

Marlene Cameron, MBA, CFA, CPC

By Contributor Tracy Fu, Crossfit Athlete

My most memorable sports moments were with the teams that had the most cohesiveness and mutual respect among players These were the teams that outperformed in competition and were the most fun to be a part of A strong team spirit enabled cooperation and was the driving force for achieving one single outcome – to win!  


Every sports league has a Fair Play Code which guides the principles of sport: respect for the game, the players and the officials.  Similar to an organization’s code of conduct which details the company’s mission, values and principles, both codes are meant to guide your behavior as a team member.  A company’s code of conduct is a good way to understand how you will fit in with its corporate culture and almost always includes principles of teamwork and integrity.  

Some of us pride ourselves with our ability to work independently and would prefer to get things done on our own, however collaboration makes businesses thrive.  Recognizing individual strengths and seeing how they fit together to make a stronger whole is a powerful tool. 

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These days, in our knowledge economy and with the increase in remote working arrangements we are communicating across departments and organizations even more Individuals who participate well in team-based work are essential to a company’s success.  Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are the best-of-the-best in their niches, but without the teams behind them they wouldn’t have won those championships or had their innovations reach so many people around the world.   

What’s in it for you, though?  American Psychologist released an issue called “The Science of Teamwork”, which identified that working in a team can make the individual smarter, more creative and more successful. 

4 Reasons How Team Spirit Benefit You:

If you need more reasons why good team spirit and teamwork will not only benefit you, but your workplace also, here are four to consider:  

1 – Effective Problem Solving

We are limited to our own knowledge and expertise, so when it comes to problem solving, we only access resources that are available and familiar to us.  A group of people can offer different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds that can produce more innovative solutions.  

2 – Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Burnout is a real thing!  There are only so many hours in a day and outside of work, we have personal obligations.  We have a lot on our plates.  You might be a jack-of-all-trades, but there are people on your team who are better at doing some aspects of the job, so let them.  When we share the workload, we get more done and we feel less stress.   

3 – Increased Creativity and Innovation

When you have the brainstorming power of a group, the product of diverse ideas, opinions and perspectives can be astounding.  You don’t know what you don’t know, so collectively sharing ideas is a great way to create and to develop out-of-the-box strategies.

4 – United Work Environment

Team work helps solve problems and connects people. Working together naturally creates relatability to one another.  You will share work experiences including the highs of your successes and the lows of challenging tasks and long days at the office.  This connectedness makes us more empathetic, respectful and appreciative of one another, which makes for a more united and enjoyable work place. 

Employees putting hands in to show teamwork
Marlene Cameron, MBA, CFA, CPC
About the Author

Being active has always been an important part of Tracy’s life. She was named “Athlete of the Year” in high school and after suffering a few injuries she shifted her focus to weight training in the gym. In her early 20s she became inspired by the sport of bodybuilding and started on her journey towards strength and muscle building under the guidance of a competitive bodybuilder. In 2018, Tracy started Crossfit and has been committed to her progress and improvement in that sport. She is a huge proponent of lifting heavy and building muscle for physical wellness, especially for women. Tracy has worked in commercial real estate for over 15 years and for three years of that also ran a small business. She continues to balance her work and training schedules while allocating time to other personal development. Follow her on Instagram @tofu_inyyc

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