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5 Easy Ways to Reduce Back Pain at Work

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By Contributor Lynn Roberts-CEO of Innergy Corporate Yoga

Still working from home?

More of us are working from home, and are likely sitting for longer periods of time at our desk.  This translates into inactivity, fewer workouts and less yoga, which ultimately can lead to an achy back. If you’ve been experiencing back pain while working from home during this pandemic, there are small changes you can incorporate to help reduce the pain.  

don't just sit there

Don’t just sit there 

If you do have to sit a lot for work, take frequent mini-breaks”. These could include a quick stretch, some deep breaths, walking up or down your stairs to grab a drink of water or going for a quick walk around the block. The idea is to build small chunks of movement into your day so your muscles don’t become tight and overworked. 

Optimize your work from home space  

Make sure your legs are at 90 degrees and your feet are flat on the floor when you work at your desk. Take the time to invest in a proper chair and ensure that your computer screen is at eye level. Check out the article we wrote about this a few months ago. 

Set an alarm 

Set a timer on your phone or laptop to remind you when to stop working, take a break to get up and stretch or move. About every 20-30 minutes is optimal. 

Watch your posture 

Just like Mom used to say – sit up straight & don’t slouch! Be mindful of your posture throughout the day and when you catch yourself slouching, sit up nice & tall. Keep your abdominal muscles ever so slightly contracted when sitting for work, to avoid your back muscles doing all the work to hold you up (that’s not their job!) 

Stretch at your desk 

If you do have to sit all day for work, take frequent breaks to stretch your back, legs, arms, chest, neck and shoulders. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying sitting is the new smoking”. Try a 10 to 20-minute yoga video or ask your HR Manager about starting a Virtual Corporate Yoga program for your team while they work from home.  It’s much harder to fix problems after they occur. Instead, stretch frequently throughout the day to keep muscle tension at bay.

optimize your work from home space
don't just sit there
innergy corporate yoga
About the Company

Innergy’s Corporate Yoga classes allow busy employees to increase this internal energy field within themselves, which results in more energy and reduced stress, ultimately leading to optimal health and an illness-free body. The benefits of Corporate Yoga classes to the companies who host them are improved productivity, reduced employee turnover, lowered health care costs and more. Innergy’s clients include everything from health food companies to software businesses to production facilities, to name a few.

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