benefits of hiring mothers

Benefits of Hiring Mothers

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By Mélanie Préfontaine-Darius, Communications

Every mother is a working mother, both inside and outside the home. Motherhood can be a valuable training ground for developing skills that prove useful in the workplace. In fact, 91 percent of working Americans said mothers can bring unique skills to leadership roles, and 85 percent said being a mother helps a woman prepare for challenges she will face as a business leader.

Why is hiring mothers good for business? Mothers are often masters of prioritization, multi-tasking, communication, negotiation and organization. They are incredibly resilient and adaptable, great at dealing with distractions and a lack of sleep, and know what it takes to juggle multiple demands. 

Beyond their unique skill set, hiring mothers can make your teams more diverse, offer new perspectives that drive innovation and help model and promote a flexible workplace culture (e.g., taking time off to go to a child’s sports game, taking leave when a child is sick). 

The values mothers bring to the workplace

In celebration of mothers and mothers-to-be, here are five clear advantages mothers bring to the workplace: 

1. They have the ability to multi-task like a ninja

A mother’s time is precious like never before. Gone are the hours spent thinking and debating, in its place a laser focus and commitment to output. Most working mothers I know carry around the schedules of several people in their head and are managing the emotions and expectations of both their team and their growing family. No double-booked meetings or missed appointments for this mom!   

2. “Baby brain” actually works in their favour 

The pregnancy brain is not a myth and it is not a negative change that occurs. Pregnant women show increased activity in the right side of the brain, the area related to emotional skills as they prepare to bond with their babyThis gift from Mother Nature may have been designed to help women connect more intuitively to their newborn but these skills are transferrable to business, also.  Mothers are known for their talent of creating tight-knit and loyal teams. The ability to listen, nurture the ideas of others and lead through collaboration are all 21st century leadership traits.  

3. Their inner strength 

Giving birth is not for the faint hearted, the first few weeks and months are challenging beyond belief.   Even the smoothest birth is testing and most women go through an untold amount of challenges to their self-esteem, beliefs and ego. A newborn doesn’t care that you secured a million dollar deal last month or led a team project to success. Mothers learn to dig deep and carry on in the most trying of circumstances. Businesses should capitalize on this opportunity. 

hiring mothers are beneficial
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4. They can negotiate and resolve conflict 

Putting the breaks on an argument between siblings whom both claim to have had “that toy first!” has given mothers some incredible negotiation and conflict resolution skills. While a mother’s ability to “referee” is polished at home it can be applied to her approach of disgruntled team members in the workplace.  Mothers form deep levels of empathy and have honed listening skills that help her to truly understand the needs of her team and those of potential clients.    

5. They get it done amidst the chaos

A home with lively childrenenergetic pets and a dynamic spouse is a recipe for noise and chaos, and yet mothers have the ability to concentrate on the calming chakra healing music that plays in the background that keeps her centered, allowing her to keep her composure, to block out the chaos and to focus on the task.  Mothers know which “cry” is important and needs attention right that second, and which can be overlooked, at least for a time. Mothers prioritize the needs of her family accordingly and can do the same at work. Mothers are calm in the midst of a storm!   

Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day! 

Sources: Beatrice Girleanu,, Mélanie Préfontaine

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